Licensed in the state of Arizona and Texas, we are prepared to provide all levels of armed and unarmed, private, executive protection, investigations, and consulting services for private and commercial business.


Our certified team doubles as certified instructors offering high-impact armed, unarmed and refresher security courses for student looking to learn from the best.


Risk Assessment • Loss Protection • Patrols


Speak with GSIS Group regarding your loss mitigation needs. We conduct a full Security Risk Assessment to determine how your company can reduce loss and increase productivity. The results are increased profits and a safer working environment for you and your employees.

Our comprehensive security detail ranges from watch-personnel to executive protection. Because we value efficient responses to maintain productivity,  we assign an on-site Account Manager to you, giving us the ability to take immediate action to your needs.


Crisis Intervention • Executive Escort • Embassy / Dignitary / Celebrity


In today’s news headlines, we are constantly hearing news of potential threats or protests against corporations for any particular reason. The need for a proactive Executive Protection Plan is necessary for effective crisis management.  Higher risk officers will benefit emotionally, physically, and financially from a well thought out plan.

High risk corporate officers have enough to think about in their constant schedules. What can GSIS Group do for your company and employees?

Risk analyses has shown that potential threats to highly prominent CEOs and VPs and their families are of much greater risk due to their stature within the company. Certain employees may seem angry about decisions made that could affect their personal situation, such as pay or benefits. The internal safety of corporate officers enable them to continue being productive without wasting time or energy on their own personal safety.

In today’s modern world of fast communication, executives still need to travel for business. Maintaining a safe travel environment is high on the list of importance. GSIS Group Executive Protection fulfills this need.


Civil / Criminal • Background Checks • Assets • Drug Testing / Enforcement


The role of logistics and supply chains are in the process of rewriting trends through the use of quantifying and qualifying constant sources of information, better known as sustainable metrics. When it comes to sustainability, logistics and supply chain professionals are also being impacted by corporate social responsibilities.

From a management perspective, managers are equally responsible to ensure all information is accurate and precise.  It is the duty of GSIS Group to ensure the information you require of us is systematic, thorough, and easily attainable from all strategic levels.

It is the purpose of GSIS Group to ensure any investigation you request from us is of the highest level of ethics and standards, resulting in the highest level of accuracy, and within a reasonable scope, so your company gets results in the best possible return on investment.

GSIS Group offers a number of investigative options for supply chain companies, along with assisting in mitigation analysis of your warehouse or facility. We help determine the risks associated with your current procedures and develop new physical, environmental and technical procedures to maintain better controls of the risk and loss within your facility.

We understand the levels of difficulty when maintaining a high level of employees and know that not all employees are ideal. This is why we offer different types of investigative options to assist your facility in ensuring safety and security. Our under cover investigators have experience in many different skill sets to assist you and law enforcement, from workplace violence to drug sales identification.

We are the best reviewed Security Firm in the US.

If you want to be protected and trained by the best in security and investigations then do not hesitate to contact us!